Message from Noboru Kaneko, Nismo Chief Vehicle Engineer

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Emphasizing the "R" in GT-R

At the opening ceremony of Nismo's new main office building this year on the 26th of February, President Carlos Ghosn has announced, "We will release the GT-R Nismo within a year."

As the Nismo CVE, I oversaw the development of the Juke Nismo, 370Z Nismo (FairladyZ Nismo) and March Nismo, and their successful release to the public; nevertheless, I believe the GT-R Nismo will be the halo car for the Nismo brand moving forward. The Nissan/Nismo team has received many questions from our customers in regard to the GT-R Nismo such as, "What kind of car will it be?" and "What kind of performance can we expect?" We were sure to keep these thoughts and expectations in mind when developing the GT-R Nismo.

Since the birth of Nismo in 1984 from Nissan Works, the GT-R has been the focal point in Nissan's motorsport activities. Wearing the Nismo badge, the GT-R Nismo embraces the company's racing DNA in concentrated form, incorporating the motorsports technology that can only be offered by Nismo.

For example, the aerodynamic design of the GT-R Nismo has been crafted with the know-how and experience of the engineers who worked extensively on our Super GT race machines. As a result, we are able to generate a powerful downforce of 100kg as well as reach speeds of 300km/h for our standard vehicles.

The Nissan GT-R Nismo GT3 is equipped with a high-efficiency, high-volume turbocharger, which we used to develop an engine that can generate a maximum output of 600PS, and from the experience we have acquired through participation of the Nürburgring 24-hour race in 2012, we developed a rigid body structure that is reinforced through the use of structural adhesives.

In addition, we have customized the suspension system to improve cornering performance and developed specific carbon-fiber-backed bucket seats, all
garnered from Nismo's involvement in motorsports.

Also, the cockpit incorporates a red-trim design which is the identifying color of Nismo, thereby allowing our customers to constantly sense the high-quality and racing nature of Nismo through sight, touch and drive.

This GT-R Nismo is a model that emphasizes the "R" in GT-R (Racing performance), representing a new chapter in performance. As an index to prove its performance, we took on the famous Nürburgring course in the form of a time attack. The GT-R Nismo was equipped with specific Nismo racing technologies and experiences, and we were able to clock a time of 7 minutes 8.679 seconds, which is a record for mass produced vehicles. This is 10 seconds faster than the previous GT-R models.

With that said, the equipment used on the GT-R Nismo to achieve this record time will be available to the public as optional equipment to the car. In other words, our customers can also experience the record-setting features on their own GT-R Nismo.

The GT-R Nismo is the current flagship for the Nismo series, and I would like to have our customers experience first-hand the ultimate performance conceived through the fusion of the GT-R and Nismo's racing technologies.


Nismo Chief Vehicle Engineer
Noboru Kaneko

Issued by Nissan